Friday, January 21, 2011

17/52 - Polaroids and a Fedora

These 8 Polaroids were part of a pack that I bought in bulk on eBay for the Polaroid camera I got for my birthday last year. I was extremely disappointed when none of this pack worked, because the seller had sent me film that wasn't appropriate for my camera. A rather expensive and annoying mistake to make. I am yet to find out if I will receive any film as a replacement, but at least I got one cool photo from this otherwise useless pack of film!!

16/52 - Twisted Tree

Our drive home from Melbourne was far more enjoyable than the drive down, because this time we drove during the day, so there was lots of cool things to look at on the trip, rather than a vast expanse of black and three lines on a road. This tree was one of many really awesome, twisted trees that we saw on the drive, but it was by far the coolest of the lot.

15/52 - Fountains and Shadows

While exploring Melbourne's sights and sounds we found our way to the National Gallery of Victoria, and went inside for a quick look. The entrance has a gigantic fountain / water feature which sits behind a huge archway, and inside there is a row of statues similar to this guy. The Gallery staff judged me a little bit as I stood there giggling at Terence posing on the other side of the water, but they probably thought I was giggling at something else...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

14/52 - Luna Park, St Kilda

Although not everyone knows it, Melbourne has its own version of Luna Park in St Kilda, complete with the creepy face at the entrance to invite you inside. This is a photo I took of two fellow Wollongong kids who were exploring the attraction. Not knowing that they were also visitors to Melbourne from up north, I found out just after taking this that a friend of mine knew them, and she wandered up to say "hello!".

13/52 - Perfect Day

Hosier Lane in Melbourne is a famous tourist destination for street art, and changes almost every time you visit it. There are intricate details that could easily be missed, and we almost missed this poem, which was stuck to the wall in a little, tucked away corner of the lane. Titled 'Perfect Day', the poem was credited underneath to The day itself was also pretty "perfect", spent exploring the city with my boy.

The holiday season...

Ok, it's been a month since I've uploaded anything, but I have excuses I promise! With Christmas being a busy time of the year for everyone, and then a trip to Melbourne over New Years and for the early part of January, I have been unable to upload photos to my Flickr account, although I have been taking photos over this time and keeping them in mind for my 52 project.

Today I am getting my 52 project up-to-date. There are more photos to come from my exploration of Melbourne and so on, but for now 52 is the priority. I hope you enjoy!